2018 Single Stack Registration


Use following link to view currently enrolled Competitors.  It may take a day or two to update the website after your Entry is received.  Please check your information and inform the Match Registrar of any corrections: kathy@1911ssc.com (217) 257-7199.  Look forward to seeing you at the Match.  Good Luck!

Competitor List & Squad Assignments Updated 05/11/18

The 2018 Single Stack Classic is a sanctioned USPSA Level III Major Match, and is Open Entry for all USPSA members.  It will consist of 14 Stages, approximately 270 rounds. Entry fee is $200. The Match will be completed in one day of shooting.  Competitors may request to shoot Friday (May 11) or Saturday (May 12).  Match Staff will shoot on Thursday (May 10).  Match entry form contains check-boxes for competitors to select the Day they want to shoot.  Use link below to download entry form.  There are 130 competitor entries available for each day.  Choice of Day will be first-come, first-served by date received at the Match office.


The Single Stack Classic does NOT use self squadding. Please include a list of requested squad members with your entry form. Please have all members of the squad include the same list with their own entry form. Please make sure all shooters on the list want to shoot together.  Shooters cannot be squadded until their entries are received.  We make every effort to accommodate squadding requests.  The only way to make sure you and your friends are squadded together is to ENTER EARLY!

Squadding will not be posted until the week before the Match. Competitor entries will be posted on the link below as they are enrolled.

You will receive an immediate email confirmation when enrolled in the Match.

Kathy Lumley/Match Registrar
(217) 257-7199


(Please Read Carefully!)

Open Entry Forms: When you click the “Download Open Entry” link below, the form will be downloaded to your computer screen.  No number or pin code is required.  You can complete it on screen, and then print it and/or save it in your computer.  Alternatively, you can print the blank Open Entry form when it appears, and fill it in by hand.  If you do that, BE SURE to print clearly and legibly.  Sign and mail the completed form and entry fee to: SINGLE STACK CLASSIC, P.O. Box 63, Barry, IL 62312-0063.  Open Entries will be accepted to the Match limit.
DO NOT attempt to access the Form using a hand-held device that is not configured to receive/save downloaded files and connect to a printer.  Download only to a print-capable device.

Entry Available October 15


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