Dateline 10/08/18

“A Blast to the Past!”

The 1911 Society’s 25th Anniversary Single Stack Classic will be held May 3-4, 20189 at PASA Park near Barry, Illinois.  The Match will be presented as a tribute to Practical Shooting Founder Col. Jeff Cooper and 1911 Society Co-Founder Russell Cluver.  It will  be conducted under original Single Stack Classic equipment rules (1994-2006), using current USPSA competition rules as guidelines.

Courses of fire will be drawn from the Single Stack Classic’s first five years, and will consist of 14 Stages with approximately 205-15 scored rounds.  Match will be completed in one day of shooting on Saturday, May 4th.  A limited number of competitors will be allowed to shoot on Friday, May 3rd.  Staff will shoot on Friday, May 3rd, in separate squads.  Competitor entries limited to 130 shooters; first-come, first-served.  Open entry. 

Match will go live on this website November 15, 2018, with competitor entry and staff enrollment opening on that day.

Richard Heinie, Match Director
Founder & President
1911 Society




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